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Multi-lane Stick Packer
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This device is suitable for medicine, food and other industries, coupled with volumetric, screw-type, hydraulic pump, the number of grain-type cutting mechanism,

Can be completed granules, powder, liquid, pills, tablets and other pillow bags automatic filling. Pillow bag than the other bags in the form of packaging 1/3,

Can help you save a lot of costs. With high precision, high speed features. High-precision powder filling small dose is our advantage.

The main technical parameters

1. Road number: 2 ~ 12 (based on user product size width and requirements to determine)

2. Loading capacity: 0.5 ~ 15g

3. Bag width range: 20 ~ 50mm

4. Bag length range: 60 ~ 150mm

5. Packing speed: 80-600 bags / minute (single row 40-50 bags / minute)

6. Pressure: 6 ~ 7 bar

Power: 6KW

8. Standard power configuration: three-phase 380V AC 50Hz

The total weight of the machine: about 1300Kg


For different materials, using different feeding methods, and can be equipped with automatic feeding device.

Color matching can be detected, the color tracking movements at various stations can be achieved by the pillow-bag printing.

Quick-chain silos, gauges, feeders, easy parts removal and cleaning.

Through the servo system to accurately pull the bag, to ensure that the bag length error ≤ 0.5mm.

Can provide textured, horizontal stripes and other horizontal seal style.

Delicate design of the molding machine, with the closure of vertical seal can make pillow bag type more beautiful.

Can provide cutting, cutting teeth, arc angle and easy to tear and other cut into a variety of ways.

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